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About OGaadi

OGaadi iN is an online platform to empower every person in India to independently connect with service providers. By using this website service providers can increase their sales gradually and service users can get services at a reasonable price at the proper time. If service users want to connect with service providers through our website, they can connect online directly. However, if service providers want to provide services through our website, they might have to contact our authorized Area Manager to avail of this service. OGaadi stands for Ogadi Gadi Agency and Accessory Dealer in India, Founded in 2023 and is headquartered in Kolkata, India. It has a license from West Bengal, India. Registered office, 120 West Putiary, 5/234, Paschim Putiary, Kolkata 41. Most of the service providers on this web portal will deal in Rented Car, Taxi, Toto, Auto, e-Rickshaw, Goods Carrier, Doorstep Push Cart, Buses, Vans, and Repair services. It will also decrease public gatherings so that this web portal will save the lives of people from COVID indirectly. This web portal allows service providers to register their business on this Web portal and allows their customers to view access, and inquiries for services directly. This web portal is expecting to provide service 24 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday but on Sunday, it will provide service for 23.30 hours subject to the webserver technical issues. OGgaadi iN aims to provide online services all over India. Here Oxylica Gadi Agency and Accessory Dealer in India will act on behalf of the company's financial and marketing needs.

Our vision is to become India’s most user-friendly and trustful online Gadi Service providing Web Portal.

Oxylica Gadi Agency and Accessory Dealer in India has an experienced team to serve you in a proper and convenient way.

Some Key Members:

Priyabrat Raj (Priya) || Technical Support Manager || Email:

Chandan Amurtayan Aich || Senior Marketing Manager || Email:

Jitendra Kumar Singh || Marketing Manager || Email:

Sumitra Mohanty || Public Relationship Officer || Email:

Rashmi Rekha Mohanty || Accounts Manager || Email: